How to Pick a Dealership for a Great Car Shopping Experience

Shopping for your next car can be a great experience. There is the excitement of spending your hard earned money for something that you will use and even depend on in your everyday life, and the satisfaction of getting a good purchase. However, car shopping can also be a hassle if you don’t pick the right car dealership. In order to avoid this, make sure that you only shop at a dealership that offers the following:

1. Wide range of options. When it comes to car shopping, the larger the selection, the better. Buying a vehicle requires you to consider its type, price, features, warranty and name (among other else), and going to a dealership with a small stock will greatly limit your options and you might just end up with a vehicle that you don’t really want. Go directly to a dealership that offers different vehicle type of different brands and pick one that’s perfect for you.

2. Convenient location. Your car shopping will be a lot more enjoyable if the dealership you shop at is in a convenient location. Wouldn’t it be a better if different dealerships are placed close to each other? This way if you can easily try the brands that you fancy and not have to take long drives to do so. Didn’t found what you were looking for at Acura? In a centralized dealership area, you can easily hop off and take a look at what Ford, Nissan, BMW or any other car maker brands have to offer.

3. Excellent customer service. Car shoppers can sometimes be easily intimidated or annoyed with high pressure sales techniques. This may result to the shoppers leaving or getting a vehicle they’re don’t really like. This shouldn’t happen in a good car dealership. Attending personnel should just be giving suggestions when the customers ask, not pushing their products at them. Knowing whether a dealership has good or bad customer service is actually easy; the bad ones are always rushing their customers, while good ones are simply welcoming and helpful.

And that’s really all the important points to remember if you want a good time when car shopping. Simply remember that a good dealership needs to have a wide selection, is in a convenient place and friendly accommodating to their customers.

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How Much Reliable Online Car Shopping Can Be?

There are majority of people who don’t dare to buy a car on Internet, so they have a lot of interrogations about the subject. To what extent can I trust online car shopping? Some may ask also is it reliable or is there a possibility of fraud while buying from Internet? Can I find what I look for while shopping a car online? Well, you are not the first to shop on Internet for staff. People buy everything from internet starting from CD’s, books to clothes and furnishing staff. What about purchasing a car using Internet? In this article, I will try to clarify to what extent online car shopping is reliable.

Is It Reliable to Use?

Buying anything using Internet has a percentage of risk that it is not secure. As any other business, there will be people who want to scam you. To avoid this, you will have to resort to advertising websites that are reputed to be safe and are doing this since long time ago. This way the website itself will make sure that all the transactions are secured. In case you receive a random offer about any car, don’t trust it because it is probably a fraud.

Another important thing is that when you use these websites, they take the responsibility to defend your rights. On the other hand, if you go to any dealer next door, they cannot do anything for you. One of the major things you have to be careful about is your banking information. Don’t provide them to the first come. In this regard, use a safe method to pay like money order.

Can I find What I Look For?

The answer is yes! It is more convenient and simple to find what you want online rather than in a store. This is explained by the big number of dealers using internet to sell used cars. This way you can get very good prices for a car in a good condition. The process will take some time and the ultimate end would be to find the car you want.

No Budget Excess

If you use internet to buy the used car you want, you will not have to worry about your budget and save money. Simply you will benefit from the pricing gap between the different places in the country. In fact, somebody from a small town may perceive the price of car very satisfying while someone in another city will not. This is a major advantage that shopping on Internet makes you benefit from.

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Smart Used Car Shopping – Part 2

We have already discussed in the first section of this article series how to determine and pre-plan the financials pertaining to buying a used car. This article is to be dedicated to brainstorming.

Shopping for a used car is not something the average person intends to do very often or at least not as much as he or she goes out grocery shopping. If you go out shopping while hungry you may buy things that you don’t need, on the other hand if you go out shopping without a list, the odds are that you are going to get home and figure that you forgot to buy something. I can relate that to shopping for used cars, you have to do your homework, preparation and brainstorming to achieve he best results.

You need to engage in smart used car shopping.

After you figure out the financials pertaining to the car purchase, you need to brainstorm the make and model of the car. In other words, you need to broaden your choices as much as possible, and then narrow down the list until you come up with the best possible outcome for your money. You need to consider all potential cars in the class you are targeting. Make sure that you consider cars that you be ignoring. Don’t fall in love with a make, or model, rather love your bank account. For example if you have in mind a Toyota Camry, have you considered a Chevrolet Malibu that is also within your budget.

Make sure that you compare all possible cars; obviously those cars should be related. Compare the cars side by side, concentrate on what you consider to be a priority to you, as gas mileage, annual deprecation, and the time period you intend to keep this car before you sell it.

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Smart Used Car Shopping – Part 1

Shopping for a used car is not something the average person intends to do very often or at least not as much as he or she goes out grocery shopping. If you go out shopping while hungry you may buy things that you don’t need, on the other hand if you go out shopping without a list, the odds are that you are going to get home and figure that you forgot to buy something. I can relate that to shopping for used cars, you have to do your homework, preparation and brainstorming to achieve he best results.

You need to engage in smart used car shopping.

The very first thing you need to do is decide on an amount that you can manage to pay, or spend for the car. If you are paying cash then decide on a maximum amount that you can afford to spend on this given car, without hurting you future financial and saving plans. This is basically done by determining a budget. If you are to finance the purchase, then determine a down payment, and a monthly payment affordable even in the worst financial scenario. You do not want to end with reposition risks.

A common rule is that your monthly car payment should not be over 20 percent of your monthly income after rent or mortgage. I suggest that you get a pre-approval for th financing before you start shopping, this would prevent from uncertainty, and roadblocks. It is very critical for you to know what you can afford ahead of time.

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Spiritual Car Shopping

My friend Lydia thinks I’m weird. But… she would never go car shopping without me. Why? Because I apply Spiritual principles to whatever I do. Over the years she noticed that this always gets great results.

The first time Lydia invited me to go car shopping was back in 2003. She was willing to try it my way. I suggested that she picture the perfect car that would meet all her needs. She wanted a late model used car with low mileage and a low price. I joined my heart and mind with her’s in this wish.

We stopped at the nearest car dealer. As we strolled through the used car lot, we noticed a 2002 Mazda with a price tag of only $11,000. Compared to the other cars, this seemed exceptionally low. We asked a salesman about it, and after checking he explained that someone had put the wrong sticker on the car. It was really more expensive.

Lydia let him know in no uncertain terms that she expected to buy the car for the price on the sticker. After consulting with his manager, the salesman realized that they would have to honor this price. Lydia happily drove home in her new, used, reasonably priced, low mileage Mazda.

After many years of trouble free driving, Lydia was ready to go car shopping again, so we set a date. However she had forgotten how we got the perfect car and the perfect deal before. She was focusing on getting 0% and a good trade-in for the Mazda. I compared shopping that way to looking for a billionaire to marry. You might find the billionaire, and he might marry you, but he may be a wife beater. Lydia might get her 0% and a great price for the Mazda, but end up with a car that’s a beater.

So Lydia changed her focus. I told her to imagine a car that would make her feel like a queen; a beautiful vehicle to carry her wherever she wished to go. But when the morning to go car shopping arrived, Lydia had other things on her mind and was in no mood to buy a car. “Forget about buying a car,” I said. “Let’s visit the car dealers but instead of intending to buy a car, let’s just have fun!”

When Lydia arrived to pick me up, she asked how I saw the day unfolding. From the ear in my heart I heard, “Go West.” Driving West meant passing car dealer after car dealer. Lydia was favoring a Toyota Camry, but she also liked my Honda Civic. I suggested that since the Toyota dealer was closer, we could stop there first, and then go on to the Honda dealer. We were driving in the right lane, and suddenly realized the Toyota dealer was on the left side of the street. Staying in the flow, I told her, “Rather than turning around, let’s start out at the Honda Dealer.”

I not only drive a Honda myself, but at this particular dealer I was considered to be the “Honda Queen,” having recently co-signed for two Hondas for family members there. When we arrived we asked for David, the salesman I had worked with before. Kurt, the sales manager also greeted us warmly. He told Lydia that she was “radiant,” and began gushing over her beautiful hair. Meanwhile, David patiently answered all of her questions. I suggested that she look at the Accord instead of the Civic. David checked and found a 2010 royal blue Accord with 5,500 miles, a demo car driven only by their salesmen. It was still under warrantee. He gave her the best price with no haggling.

Lydia didn’t want to test drive the car because it was snowing and slippery outside. But it was lunch time. Kurt and David suggested that we drive the Accord to lunch, and see how it felt. We headed east to one of our favorite lunch buffets. By the time we got back to the Honda dealer, Lydia had found her car. She felt like a queen behind the wheel. (It was royal blue after all.) The interest rate was only.9%, and I asked that the $200 all weather mats be included. Kurt had to ask the owner Bob, who gave his approval.

Bob came over to meet us. He and Lydia connected immediately. Lydia presents business seminars to improve performance through spirituality. Bob expressed interest in having her do a presentation for his salesmen. David wrote my name and address on a form. I asked him what that was for. “We’re going to send you $100 for referring Lydia.” In addition, my grandson, Tyler, who just turned eighteen, had $2,000 put away to buy a car. I wrote Lydia a check for $2,000 and drove the Mazda home for Tyler.

The first and only car Lydia looked at was the perfect car for her. By applying spiritual principles it became a win/win situation, with the blessings far exceeding our expectations. Lydia reminded me that in ten years we will go car shopping again.

Are you in the market for a car? Whatever you desire, try applying some spiritual principles and enjoy the ride!

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